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  • New York’s Highest Court Upholds Two Municipal Fracking Bans, While Colorado Trial Court Finds One Preempted

    Written by Mary E. Wilke and John D. Edgcomb New York Decision. On June 30, 2014, the New York Court of Appeals, the State’s highest court, by a 5-2 majority, held that the New York Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law (OGSML) does not preempt municipalities’ authority to regulate land use. Matter of Wallach v.... [read more]

  • EIA’s 2014 Estimates: No Surprise

    By Adam Baas, June 17, 2014 Although the Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released an updated estimate of recoverable oil from the Monterey shale play that is 96% below the 2011 estimate, most industry representatives were not shocked. It is known that the 2011 estimate was likely bloated, as it investigated known locations of accessible... [read more]

  • Crude Transport Derailments Ignite New Regulation

    On March 25, 2014, a unanimous Richmond City Council voted to call on Congress to halt rail transport of Bakken crude oil from North Dakota into Richmond pending new federal regulations.  The resolution arises from increasing crude oil train shipments into Contra Costa County, including to the Kinder Morgan facility in Richmond, the only facility... [read more]

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